iScape made it in HGTV Top Gardening Apps

iScape in Top Gardening Apps “Wish you could see how your home would look with professional landscaping? With the iScape app, you can create a digital model of your home’s front yard. Feature your favorite plants, so you can see the design before digging at all.” Read More


Landscape design app iScape makes landscaping easier

Landscape design app iScape in the news: Just as virtual technology has become a common tool for anyone planning to repaint or redecorate a home, a growing array of apps can make landscaping easier too. But know when to use them, and when it would be easier to pull out an old-fashioned pencil and a sheet of graph paper — or to seek out a professional. Read more


Best Apps for Homeowners

Best Apps for homeowners. “Live Smart: 25 Apps for Homeowners and we made it in the list! Redoing the landscaping can be a big undertaking. Like many of the apps above, which let the homeowner visualize a space in 3D, iScape does the same, but for the front and backyard. “With a mobile garden and landscape design app, ... Read More


Check out this review showcasing our landscaping app iScape. “Have you ever tried to explain your vision on something you want or what you’re trying to plan and it’s hard for other to understand?  I’m sure this has happened numerous times throughout your life and it’s extremely frustrating to say the least. When it comes to ... Read More

Best Apps Landscape Designers

Best apps landscape designers! Thanks Stack Wall for the mention in Best Apps for Landscape Designers and Architects – “As a landscape designer what you get is design that makes use of the actual image of the area to be landscaped. It can insert realistic elements such as ground covers, plants, flowers, trees, walkways, and patio ... Read More

iPhone Apps to Help You Garden

Thanks Permaculture for the review in iPhone Apps to Help you Garden! With this app you can create fantastic landscape and garden designs. This software comes in handy for both homeowners and professionals to better visualise their ideas. This way you can prevent confusion. You can read it here.

A little potty humor could come in handy in drought

Thanks Modest Bee for the mention!  Landscaping sucks up half of California’s urban water, and replacing your lawn with drought-tolerant plants and native landscaping will make a big impact on your water conservation efforts. If you need design ideas, try the iScape app – it’ll help you plan what to buy and how to put it ... Read More

Feet in the dirt, tech in your hands

Thanks to The Riveter Magazine for the Mention! Close your eyes for a few seconds, and think about what your summer garden will look like. Lush greens and burgeoning tomatoes might come to mind. Now, prepare to plot out your wildest garden fantasies. If this gets messy — which it quickly can — try a digital method. Apps ... Read More

Gardeners Best Apps

Gardeners Best Apps are here! Thanks Mother Earth Living Magazine for the mention in 5 Best Apps for Gardeners! This visualization tool is the first step to making the beautiful idea you have stored in your head a beautiful reality. Simply take a picture of whatever space you want to develop and start working on it. ... Read More

Must-Have Tech Tools for a Green Industry Business

Thanks HindSite for the mention in Must-Have Tech Tools for a Green Industry Business ! “Hardscape and iScape Elite apps enable landscape design and construction salespeople and managers preview landscape and hardscape projects before planning the work, and let customers visualize different styles to choose materials and designs.”  Read it here.

Appy Homeowner- DIY Apps & Free Remodeling Tools

Thanks Atlanta Home Improvement for the wonderful article Appy Homeowner- DIY Apps & Free Remodeling Tools! ” iScape: This one’s fun! Take a photo of your yard and drag and drop all kinds of landscape elements on it. It’s a neat way to “test drive” everything from trees to different color mulch and it can help you ... Read More
iScape Garden and Landscape Designs Celebrates Earth Day

iScape Garden and Landscape Designs Celebrates Earth Day

April 22, 2015 in Photo and Video [] Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – iScape Garden and Landscape Designs today is giving away the farm, the virtual farm, that is. The company is celebrating Earth Day with a free download of iScape 2.4, the most powerful garden and landscape design app in the App Store. There are many ... Read More

8 Apps for Landscape Architects and Designers

Thanks to the Landscape Architects Network for the wonderful article! Smartphone apps have changed our lives, making it easy to find inspiration, share information, and make calculations on the fly. Here’s a collection of apps that are especially useful to landscape architects and designers. Download them and leave behind that pile of calculators, notebooks, colored ... Read More

Best apps great gardens

Thanks to, The Grove Sun, and Delaware County Journal for mentioning us. Need a little help getting your green thumb in gear as spring draws closer? There are tons of garden apps on the market ready to help you organize your thoughts and get your plants planted as the weather gets warmer. “iScape is an ... Read More
If you’re looking to tackle a landscaping project this spring, check out iScape, which allows you to overlay virtual flowerbeds, trees and shrubs on top of photos of your home so that you can test out your landscaping ideas before you ever head to the garden supply store. - Fox News
If you’re looking to ramp up your curb appeal, Rathbun recommends the iScape app to create virtual landscaping." - The Washington Post
The app’s easy controls make it fun to use, though it’s probably more fun if you have a large garden to play with. - The New York Times


Thanks to for the mention. Anyone who gardens, or is thinking about starting, is aware of how critical time-management skills are. Plants can’t always wait until tomorrow, let alone until you get home from work. No, you really can’t wait a few extra weeks to till the soil or apply pesticides, because a single ... Read More