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iScape Elite | Professional Landscape Design App

Gardening and Landscape Design App

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Professional landscapers and serious gardeners are in awe at the design capabilities of the new iScape Elite.

iScape Elite is a Professional landscape design app for the iPad that will help you sale the jobs on the go – with ease.

It’s easy to use tools and it’s database filled with real life plant images will help you create incredible photorealistic renderings of outdoor spaces. The new tools and features in this version give you unbelievable control over your designs.

If you do not see the plants you are looking for in the Database? Please contact our support team and we will do our best to take care of you.

The app is free to download but requires an Auto-Renewable Subscription to activate the software. This gives you unlimited access to everything in the app. Also any new features that will be incorporated in the near future will be included in the subscription fee at no additional cost. The renewable subscription allows us to continue to update the app along with adding new plants and hardscapes to the database. Additional information regarding the subscription is found below.


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• Unlimited access to the ever-increasing Image Database
• No additional charges for additions and updates to the Database
• Don’t see a plant you’re looking for? Shoot us an email at support@iscapeapps.com and we will do our best to add it.
• My Designs – gives you the option to save multiple open-layered designs and edit them again later.
• Color Adjuster – allows you to adjust the hue, saturation, brightness and contrast of images from the database so they closely match the lighting of your base photo.
• Layer List – a section where you can view and manage all the layers that are in the design with ease.
• Cutout Tool – allows you to manually cut out images to fit your designs.
• Texture Tool – used to add or replace ground covers such as grass, mulch, pavers, stones, etc.
• iS Elite Database – used to add images to your design. Now with the drag and drop function implemented your design process will speed up tremendously
• Text Tool- used to add text. You can adjust the size and color, plus pick your font, rotate, and place the text anywhere you desire.
• Favorites – faster access to your favorite images. Simply open the image from the database and tap the star at the bottom of the screen. (No internet connection is required to access your favorites.)
• Double-tap – gives you access to the image preferences, located in the top toolbar: includes Delete Layer, Lock or Unlock Layer, Duplicate Layer, Flip Layer, and Arrange the Layers (bring to front, send to back).
• Save and Share – lets you save or share via My Designs, Camera Roll, Facebook, Email, and Print.