iScape Free Landscape Design App

iScape Free Gardening and Landscape Design App

Free Landscape Design App



Free Landscape Design App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

• “When you’re planning a new garden, or considering a change to an established one, it can be difficult to visualize the results. This is where iScape comes in handy.” – The NY Times

• “If you’re DIYing it, iScape Free makes it easy to plan out what to buy and how to put it all together. If you’re hiring a landscaper, the app can help you explore ideas and share your vision.” – Forbes

Our free app gives you an opportunity to test drive the paid version at no charge. Upon user requests, we have provided individual categories available as In-App Purchases in case you do not need the entire iScape Database. If you are going to purchase multiple categories, please note that upgrading to the paid version is the better deal.

Having a mobile design app on site allows you to see your options before the work is done – and most importantly, before the money is spent. With our free landscape design app – you simply take a picture of your house and start bringing your vision to life!

Access to an image database that offers a wide variety of gardening options. Which type of mulch would look better here? Where should this Tree be placed? Will it even”match” my overall design? With all of these options at your fingertips, your very own ‘oasis’ will come to life. Get to work with iScape!!

iScape Free is a very user-friendly gardening app – even kids have fun using it and taking part in designing their new yard. If your kids enjoy to color and paint, or just like to be creative they will love it.

With an all new redesigned interface for the iPad and iPhone, the iScape Free experience is incredible with the HD resolution and the updated features.

• Use the “Camera” to take a new picture, or access the device’s photo library to choose your background image.
• Use the “Pen Tool” to add or replace textures (Ground-covers) such as grass, beds, pavers, etc.
• From there you can “Insert Objects” such as flowers, trees, stone walkways, patio furniture, etc.
• Double tap any image to bring up preferences which include Delete, Lock, Scale, Duplicate, Flip, Move to Front, and cancel.
• Save and Share your design via FaceBook, email, or Print.
We really hope that you enjoy iScape Free! We are continuously striving to make our apps better and better. The user feedback has made a tremendous impact with iScape’s development and we greatly appreciate it!

Editor Tools

lockLock Layer
Locks the image

Untitled-1Unlock Layer
Unlocks the image

delete-layerDelete Layer
Deletes the current layer

flip-imageFlip Horizontal
This feature is used to flip the image horizontally. It comes in handy for fitting images in specific places of you design.

This feature is used to duplicate images with lightning bolt speeds without having to re-enter the database.

arrange-layersArrange Layers
This allows you to adjust the layer order of the images up and down. You can place an image behind or in front of another image.

cutout-toolCutout Tool
Use this tool to manually cutout images to fit you designs.

Navigation Tools

clear-allClear All
Deletes all layers

shareSave and Share
Save and/or share you designs

save-my-designsMy Designs
Gives you the option to save multiple open-layered designs and edit them again later


Go back to the home screen to create a new designs

Texture Tools

cutout-toolCutout Tool
Gives you the ability to draw out textures and ground covers.

delete-maskDelete Texture
Ability to delete textures

add-new-layerAdd Texture
Ability to add more textures