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Best landscape design app IconSpectacular landscape designs made easy with the best landscape design app available in todays market.

It’s the perfect app for quick and straightforward designs – a must-have tool for your landscaping and gardening toolbox.

Thanks to your visions and our apps, dream landscapes are coming to life everyday! Are you a do-it-yourself landscaper? iScape can help you decide what to buy and where to plant it. Planning to hire a landscape contractor? You will have actual images to help explain your vision. Yes, iScape uses actual images to give you the most realistic rendering possible. We feel this is vital to any landscape design app.

One of the biggest challenges for a contractor is how to portray to the client what the completed project will look like before any work is performed. It’s equally challenging for the customer to portray their vision to the contractor. iScape’s intuitive technology solves this problem with easy-to-use tools right at your fingertips. Check out the article here.

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• Use the “Camera” to take a new picture, or access the device’s photo library to choose your background image.
• Use the “Texture Tool” to add or replace ground covers such as grass, mulch, pavers, stones, etc.
• Add images to your design by using the “iScape Database” which includes flowers, trees, walkways, pavers, patios, water features, etc.
• You can add images to your “Favorites” for faster access. Simply open the image and tap the star at the bottom of the screen. (No internet connection is required to access your favorites.)
• Double-tap any image to access the image preferences, located in the top toolbar: includes Delete Layer, Lock or Unlock Layer, Duplicate Layer, Flip Layer, and Arrange the Layers (bring to front, send to back).
• Save and Share your design via Camera Roll, Facebook, Email, and Print.


iS Database:

• Deciduous Trees
• Evergreen Trees
• Flowering Trees
• Palm Trees

• Flowering Shrubs
• Evergreen Shrubs

• Annual Flowers
• Perennials Sun
• Perennial Shade

• Perennial Ground Cover
• Perennial Grass

• Cactus
• Tropical/Indoors

• Planted
• Unplanted

• Water Falls & Gardens
• Swimming Pools
• Water Fountains

• Architecture
• Stone and Retention Walls
• Walkways and Steps
• Paver and Patios
• Landscape Decks
• Wood Fences
• Wrought Iron Fences
• Lighting
• Yard Art
• Novelty Birdhouses
• Windows and Doors

Editor Tools

lockLock Layer
Locks the image

Untitled-1Unlock Layer
Unlocks the image

delete-layerDelete Layer
Deletes the current layer

flip-imageFlip Horizontal
This feature is used to flip the image horizontally. It comes in handy for fitting images in specific places of you design.

This feature is used to duplicate images with lightning bolt speeds without having to re-enter the database.

arrange-layersArrange Layers
This allows you to adjust the layer order of the images up and down. You can place an image behind or in front of another image.

cutout-toolCutout Tool
Use this tool to manually cutout images to fit you designs.

Navigation Tools

clear-allClear All
Deletes all layers

shareSave and Share
Save and/or share you designs

save-my-designsMy Designs
Gives you the option to save multiple open-layered designs and edit them again later


Go back to the home screen to create a new designs

Texture Tools

cutout-toolCutout Tool
Gives you the ability to draw out textures and ground covers.

delete-maskDelete Texture
Ability to delete textures

add-new-layerAdd Texture
Ability to add more textures

We really hope that you enjoy iScape. We are continuously striving to make our apps better and better. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any feedback and/or questions @ The user feedback has made a tremendous impact with iScape’s development. We greatly appreciate all the help with creating the best landscape design app available!