FAQ – Frequenlty Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions received by our support team. We strive to provide quality apps and technical support. For your convenience, we hope this helps answer your questions. However, our team is standing by to assist you so if you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We truly appreciate your business and promise our continued commitment to providing quality design solutions for our users.

iScape has locked up while downloading the database categories or when loading textures. How do I resolve this issue?

Please follow the steps in the Apple Application Assistant to restore operation to iScape:


We sincerely apologize the inconvenience this has caused. We are currently working to resolve this issue and speed up the overall performance of the database.

After updating my device to iOS 6, I cannot save or share my designs. The resulting image is BLACK. How do I save or share my designs?

Please update your apps if you are experiencing this issue. Follow the instructions below to update.

  • – Open the App Store and tap ‘Updates’.
  • – Tapping ‘Update All’ will update all apps with updates available.
  • OR scroll down until you see iScape/HardScape/iDoScape and tap the ‘Update’ button
  • – If prompted, enter your iTunes Store account information.

If you haven’t yet updated to iOS 6 but plan to do so, you should make sure that your apps are updated to avoid this issue.

Can I add my own images to the database?

At this time, users cannot add their own images to the database. This is a feature we plan to offer in the near future. We now offer customized B2B apps and software solutions. If you are interested in a personalized app that is branded for your company and includes your images, please contact us. iScape technology is not limited to landscaping, but will work with virtually any design application. Let us show you how iScape can work to help you build your business.

Can I submit images or suggestions for objects to be added to the database?

YES. The image database maintenance is an ongoing project for us. Our apps are used all over the world, so it is virtually impossible for us to get all the images ourselves. We greatly appreciate your feedback and image submissions.

Please note: Images submitted must be taken by you PERSONALLY and must be COPYRIGHT-FREE. We cannot accept any images taken from the web. Before we can use your images, you will be required to sign an image release agreement.

When I try to move an object, I keep moving the background image which destroys my design. How do I prevent this from happening?

If you quickly double-tap the background, it will pull up a menu. Tap ‘Lock’ to secure the background image.

Can I lock individual objects in my designs?

YES. You lock objects in a similar fashion to your background image. Quickly double-tap the object you want to lock. The editing menu will display options. Tap ‘Lock’ to secure the object.

After I save my design, I can’t edit the design. How can I edit a previous design?

Currently, this is NOT a feature of iScape. However, we have a continued commitment to making iScape Apps the best design tools available. This feature will be available in the future.

Can I print a list of the objects used in my designs?

NO. At this time, this is not a feature of our apps. However, we are hoping to add this functionality to future versions of iScape Apps.

I have an Android device. Do you have a timeline for when iScape Apps will be available on Google Play?

iScape Lite for Android™ is now available on Google Play. As part of our continued commitment to our users, we are currently developing the entire iScape family of apps for Android devices. Keep checking back for updates.

I have suggestions for new features, plants, and general feedback about your apps. How do I contact the iScape Team?

Here at iScape Apps, we pride ourselves on providing prompt and personal customer support for our apps. You are always welcome to email us through our Contact page.  In addition to contacting via email, you are also more than welcome to register and post questions, suggestions, or get help in our Forums.